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Jacqueline Marie Bryk (she/her), Jax to her friends, is a freelance game designer, writer, sensitivity reader, and editor from the oft-forgotten state of Delaware. She writes in many different genres, with her favorites being horror, honobono, low fantasy, and post-apocalypse. Her games are lauded for their compassionate, trauma-focused narratives and low-stakes engagement with high-stakes emotions.

Jax deals with post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety and ADHD. She also deals with nightmares, chronic upper back pain, menstrual issues and digestive tract issues. Much of her sensitivity work is focused on mental health and burnout

In her spare time, she likes to yell at games like Civilization V and Crusader Kings II, model for photographers and visual artists, avoid arguments about politics, and attempt recipes she saw on Iron Chef America once. Her day job is in politics, and all of her writing has political elements.

She is a regularly featured guest at BreakoutCon and won the Golden Cobra Award for game design in 2016. Jax’s work for hire is featured in games by White Wolf, Onyx Path Publishing, Helmgast AB, Galileo Games, Uliesses North America, and Damocles Thread Development.

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“Jax makes horror games you can run without being a horrible person. ”
– Ben Walker, Damocles Thread Development

” Jax is one of the most creative people I’ve ever played under. She’s able to evoke deep emotions and powerful reactions like few I’ve seen.”
– Matt Hirth, playtester

“Jax is a fantastic client to work with. She is communicative, honest, and isn’t afraid to express her opinion to look at things from a different perspective. She’s professional and has really fantastic ideas. I would absolutely work with her again.”
– Meredith Gerber, RPG Publisher Services, OneBookShelf

“Jacqueline Bryk is one of the most innovative designers in the field today. Her expertise with safety mechanics derives from her understanding and unyielding empathy which leads to the creation of games that reflect the world in ways both inspiring and poignant.”
– Michael Meinberg, freelance writer and blogger at Goat Song

“Jax is not afraid to create games that deal with hard topics, but she goes a step further. She creates a space that allows her players to feel safe exploring these topics. She has the ability to build trust and rapport with her players quickly so that even first time players can dive right in.”
– Andi Rhoades Gastonguay, freelance designer

“The thing that impresses me most about Jacqueline’s writing is where it comes from. She has a delightful gift for pulling inspiration from the media, world events, and stories around her and turning that inspiration into an engaging creation of her own. She gets you thinking and she gives you the tools to make yourself uncomfortable on YOUR terms. Highly recommended. “
-Andrew Bancroft, playtester